Outline Planning Permission in Knaphill

As if to confirm our concerns around building height. The front page of this week’s Woking Advertiser (no online link that I can find), has a headline that states ‘Flats could replace two shops in Knaphill Village’.

The proposal is to demolish Pets Kingdom and A & E PC Repairs and replace them with a four storey block of 10 flats. This is the planning application: http://caps.woking.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=MVIYC6RU39000

Bad enough as that is, the developer goes on to say in their statement. ‘there would be two flats on the ground floor, four flats on the first, three flats at second floor, as well as a further flat on the top floor. The height of the proposed building is in keeping with the general height of new housing in the area’.

The Knaphill Residents Association are understandably concerned and state, ‘It’s totally out of what residents believe is the strategy for Knaphill’.

Knaphill don’t have a recognised Neighbourhood Forum, nor do I believe are there any plans to create one. It’s unlikely their views will hold any weight.

An accepted Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area is the only way local residents can have a say on the area they live in.

Please attend the meeting this Thursday, and pencil in your diary the 10 December at 20:00 (venue TBC) for us to formally constitute our forum.

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