Progress Report

It has been a while since there was any worthwhile news to report hence why there has been nothing published.

The application for Forum designation and Area designation is winding its way through Council. It is expected it will come before full Council in June.

Two of the Management Committee attended the Neighbourhood Planning Camp in Oxford early April. This yielded lots of information and contacts which will greatly assist plan development.

During April, a grant application has begun to take shape. This has required some forecasting of what the Forum is likely to spend during the remainder of the year.

The Forum requires a logo. If you know anyone who would like to create a logo, please make contact. Anything considered, although it would be nice to see the canal, railway line and green space represented.

The Management Committee has begun the process of defining a questionnaire which will be sent to all households and businesses in the Neighbourhood Area. This will be formally issued after designation has been achieved so is likely to be around the end of June.

Finally, a proposed date around the end of June for the Forum’s AGM will be confirmed at the April Management Committee meeting.

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