WBC Consultation on Brookwood Crossroads

WBC have a consultation exercise running on improving the A322 corridor. Brookwood crossroads is one of the junctions listed.

The changes at the crossroads are primarily designed to improve the traffic flow for vehicles entering and exiting Brookwood, and there are suggestions for Brookwood Lye Road and Connaught Road. The BBNF Management Committee is in support of the Brookwood Lye Road suggestions but is a little concerned about the Connaught Road suggestions.

The BBNF wishes to submit a response to the consultation but would like to get a feel for what the village is thinking.

Looking at the map, the proposals appear to be to widen Connaught Road from the crossroads, almost as far as West Hill Close. This would involve using an area of front gardens currently owned by West Hill Cottages. West Hill Cottages are the houses on the left, hidden mostly behind the trees as you enter Connaught Road from the crossroads. The trees would go, but the houses retained. The proposals do not alter the houses on the other side of the road.

The map may be viewed here: https://www.woking.gov.uk/transport/bagshotroadimprovementsconsultation/junctionseven

There is a full public consultation going on now until the end of July with two drop in sessions planned for next week. Further information may be found here: https://www.woking.gov.uk/transport/bagshotroadimprovementsconsultation

This poll is designed to basically understand whether residents are happy for the look and feel of Brookwood Crossroads to be changed for the benefit of improved traffic flow. The main consultation by WBC is where more options may be explored. Comments have not been enabled, because you should respond to the WBC consultation if you feel the need to. Before you respond, please be sure you understand what is being proposed. The poll will run for seven days ending on 23 July 2017.

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