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AGM Agenda

Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum

2017 AGM

19:30 on 21 September 2017


 1                     Welcome

2                     Apologies

3                     Previous Minutes

4                     Election of Management Committee

5                     Plan Update and Grant Applications

6                     Local issues

7                     Coblands development

8                     Any Other Business

9                     Questions (10 minute limit)

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School Fayre Stall Competition Results

Thank you to everyone who came to our stall at the School Fayre on Saturday, entered our free competitions and gave us their views, particularly on the open spaces in the area.

Congratulations to the winners of the Map Treasure Hunt. They are Thomas Drake (in the 8 and under category) and Corey Gair (in the 9-16 category). A £10 book token goes to each of them. The treasure was hidden in the grounds of the St Edward’s Brotherhood Monastery.

Jane Pettinger won the first prize of a £20 M&S voucher in the Brookwood and Bridley History Quiz. The second prize of a £10 voucher goes to Brian Watson. Congratulations to them. The answers to the quiz are:

1) Brookwood Primary School first opened in 1906.
2) The Main Memorial Hall was built in 1961
3) Brookwood Cemetery opened in 1854
4) Fulks’ Butchers opened in Brookwood in 1927
5) St Saviours’ Church was completed in 1909
6) The old Brookwood Hotel became Chartered Accountants’ offices in 2010
7) Worplesdon Golf Club was constructed in 1908
8) The Basingstoke Canal was completed in 1794
9) Brookwood Club first opened in 1909
10) The chapel which is now the St Edward’s Brotherhood’s Church was built in 1910
11) The baker’s shop first opened in 1979
12) Brookwood Railway Station was built in 1864

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Brookwood Lye Road Petition

Following the hugely successful petition raised by the BBNF to demand that WBC deals with the planning breaches occurring at Five Acres, the Council has instantly taken action to rectify. It’s a shame it required such an effort from the BBNF to force the Council to enforce the law and follow a common sense approach.

At the most recent Planning Committee on 27 September, item 5f dealt with the breaches. You can read the document here:

A supplementary paper was also tabled with item 5f about the BBNF petition. That can be viewed here:

The Planning Committee resolved to take enforcement action and prosecute the land owners for the breaches. A three month window of opportunity to comply was agreed.

The situation at Five Acres has improved substantially over the previous few weeks, and it is hoped the Council will not allow this situation to arise again.

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Questionnaire Results Report

We have published a brief report covering the results of the questionnaire we put out in November 2015.

The report may be read here: BBNF 2016 Questionnaire Results

If you never completed a questionnaire and wish to do so, you can find it on the Questionnaire tab. We are still keen for feedback and views from anyone living or working in the area.

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Questionnaire Results and New Chair

Following the BBNF meeting on Tue 2nd Feb, the Forum team have compiled the results of the second Questionnaire which show a good indication of how residents feel. Here’s the summary for Transport, Traffic & Parking:

1. 94% want steps taken to reduce congestion at Brookwood crossroads.
(a) 71% think re-routing the A324 along Cemetery Pales would assist in achieving that aim.
(b) 89% consider pedestrian and cycling access to Brookwood Station from Bridley and Pirbright should be provided through the Cemetery. The provision of cycle parking on both sides of the station is also suggested.

2. 88% are keen to reduce congestion at Pirbright Tunnel.
(a) 77% support improving the traffic light phasing to include traffic exiting from Brunswick/Bisley Camp Road. However it is pointed out that such changes might create more of a rat run and increase congestion.

The BBNF team would like to thank Kevin Davis for his work with the Forum in taking it from a concept to reality and being an effective councillor on our behalf. Kevin will be working towards representing residents in the new ward areas including “Heathlands”. The Forum chairmanship has been passed to Mark Craven, a Brookwood resident since 1988.

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Summary Questionnaire Report

The Committee of the Neighbourhood Forum has written a summary report providing an insight in to the results from the Area wide questionnaire that was delivered in October.

This has produced some interesting results which will drive the direction of the Neighbourhood Forum from here.

The report may be read here: Report of Questionnaires

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Progress Report

It has been a while since there was any worthwhile news to report hence why there has been nothing published.

The application for Forum designation and Area designation is winding its way through Council. It is expected it will come before full Council in June.

Two of the Management Committee attended the Neighbourhood Planning Camp in Oxford early April. This yielded lots of information and contacts which will greatly assist plan development.

During April, a grant application has begun to take shape. This has required some forecasting of what the Forum is likely to spend during the remainder of the year.

The Forum requires a logo. If you know anyone who would like to create a logo, please make contact. Anything considered, although it would be nice to see the canal, railway line and green space represented.

The Management Committee has begun the process of defining a questionnaire which will be sent to all households and businesses in the Neighbourhood Area. This will be formally issued after designation has been achieved so is likely to be around the end of June.

Finally, a proposed date around the end of June for the Forum’s AGM will be confirmed at the April Management Committee meeting.

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Application to WBC Submitted

Today the application for designation of the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area was submitted to Woking Borough Council. You may view the application here:

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Neighbourhood Area

The Neighbourhood Area as discussed and agreed at sessions during August and September, has now been submitted to Woking Borough Council for comment. You can see the area proposed here:

WBC have the powers to make changes to the area, as they did with the Hook Heath Neighbourhood Area to make it ‘work better’.

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