What is a Neighbourhood Forum?

The Neighbourhood Forum is a statutory body which gives local people a platform to formally shape the area they live and work in.

What area does it cover?

An area acceptable to local people and the Local Planning Authority.

What is the Local Planning Authority?

The LPA is Woking Borough Council.

Who can join?

Anyone who lives or works in the Brookwood and Bridley areas.

I’ve never heard of Bridley, where is it?

Bridley represents all the rural areas south of Brookwood and the railway line.

Why should I care?

The Forum will state how we wish to see the area progress, rather than having inappropriate development thrust upon us.

Will our views actually make a difference?

The Forum develops a Neighbourhood Development Plan which becomes a statutory document. This must be taken into consideration by the Local Planning Authority and developers wishing to develop in the area.

What can I do?

As little or as much as you wish. There are many roles, all on a voluntary basis which will advance the aims of the Forum.

How do I get involved?

Join the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum here.

Do I need to play an active role?

A formal committee needs to be elected to drive the Forum forward.  However, once a Neighbourhood Development Plan has been ratified by the Local Planning Authority, everyone who lives or works in the area will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum to adopt the Neighbourhood Development Plan.