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It has been a while since there was any worthwhile news to report hence why there has been nothing published.

The application for Forum designation and Area designation is winding its way through Council. It is expected it will come before full Council in June.

Two of the Management Committee attended the Neighbourhood Planning Camp in Oxford early April. This yielded lots of information and contacts which will greatly assist plan development.

During April, a grant application has begun to take shape. This has required some forecasting of what the Forum is likely to spend during the remainder of the year.

The Forum requires a logo. If you know anyone who would like to create a logo, please make contact. Anything considered, although it would be nice to see the canal, railway line and green space represented.

The Management Committee has begun the process of defining a questionnaire which will be sent to all households and businesses in the Neighbourhood Area. This will be formally issued after designation has been achieved so is likely to be around the end of June.

Finally, a proposed date around the end of June for the Forum’s AGM will be confirmed at the April Management Committee meeting.

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Application to WBC Submitted

Today the application for designation of the Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area was submitted to Woking Borough Council. You may view the application here:

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Constitution Adopted and Neighbourhood Area Adopted

Tonight at a meeting of the proposed Brookwood and Bridley Neighbourhood Forum, a significant group of residents voted to form a Neighbourhood Forum by adopting a constitution. Voted to agree a Neighbourhood Area acceptable to all present, and finally voted to elect a Management Committee, as well as authorise that committee to submit an application to WBC for approval and formal adoption.

This is tremendous news for the Neighbourhood Area, and will give all residents and businesses a chance to have more of a say in how our area progresses in the future.

There are almost 90 people now members of the forum, and over the coming months, work will continue to bring other people on board as well as start to define policies for the area.

Well done to all concerned.

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Constitution and Area Agreed

After four meetings spread across the year, the constitution and Neighbourhood Area have both reached a stage where once the Forum is formally adopted, may be submitted to Woking Borough Council for consultation and approval at Council. The constitution can be read here: Constitution, and the Neighbourhood Area here: Neighbourhood Area

A meeting will take place on 10 December in Brookwood School ICT suite at 20:00 for the Forum to be officially created, the constitution to be adopted and approval sought to make an application for Neighbourhood Forum status to Woking Borough Council.

We aim to elect 10 members of the Management Committee that evening, so if you wish to be considered, please send your name and a short personal statement to the Acting Chair, or

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Outline Planning Permission in Knaphill

As if to confirm our concerns around building height. The front page of this week’s Woking Advertiser (no online link that I can find), has a headline that states ‘Flats could replace two shops in Knaphill Village’.

The proposal is to demolish Pets Kingdom and A & E PC Repairs and replace them with a four storey block of 10 flats. This is the planning application:

Bad enough as that is, the developer goes on to say in their statement. ‘there would be two flats on the ground floor, four flats on the first, three flats at second floor, as well as a further flat on the top floor. The height of the proposed building is in keeping with the general height of new housing in the area’.

The Knaphill Residents Association are understandably concerned and state, ‘It’s totally out of what residents believe is the strategy for Knaphill’.

Knaphill don’t have a recognised Neighbourhood Forum, nor do I believe are there any plans to create one. It’s unlikely their views will hold any weight.

An accepted Neighbourhood Forum and Neighbourhood Area is the only way local residents can have a say on the area they live in.

Please attend the meeting this Thursday, and pencil in your diary the 10 December at 20:00 (venue TBC) for us to formally constitute our forum.

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Neighbourhood Area

The Neighbourhood Area as discussed and agreed at sessions during August and September, has now been submitted to Woking Borough Council for comment. You can see the area proposed here:

WBC have the powers to make changes to the area, as they did with the Hook Heath Neighbourhood Area to make it ‘work better’.

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Awareness Sessions

On Tuesday 19th November and Thursday 28th November at 19:00, there will be awareness sessions about the Neighbourhood Forum for anyone and everyone to attend to learn more about what we are trying to achieve.

These are public meetings and will be held in the school hall.

Absolutely all welcome.

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Notice of Meeting

A meeting will take place at Brookwood Primary School on 24 September 2013 at 19:00.

The Agenda is:

  • Agree previous Minutes
  • Agree Neighbourhood area
  • Agree constitution
  • Elect Officers
  • Marketing and consultation strategy
  • AOB

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